Paper Presentation (Department of Civil Engineering)

International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Science And Engineering (ICATSE) 2019

PRS College of Engineering and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, May 2019.

  • Project Title: Aqua Solar Roofing And Bottle Tank.

         Group members: Aiswarya Lekshmi HR, Aparnna K V, Muhammed Feroz N, Ashiq Samad.

  • Project Title: Production Of Mycelium Bricks.

         Group members: Adarsh K, Adil A, Asif Hussain A N, Keerthi K V.

  • Project Title: A Study for Restructuring of Living Standards in Tribal Areas.

         Group members: Abdullah Aseef Mohammed, Rashid Hussain M, Shahul Hameed, Mohammed Wazeem.

  • Project Title: Effect Of Rap and Geogrid in Pavement Layers.

         Group members: Aravind M V, Arfas A R, James Raj SR, S Soumya.

  • Project Title: Carbon Footprint Assessment of Ace College of Engineering.

         Group members: Bincy Raj, M S Anushka, Shahanaz S T, Zubair Arshid.

  • Project Title: Water Quality Assessment and Regeneration of Karamana River.

         Group members: Nainesh G, Sanu Raj B S, Shabeen S, Sunu Raj B S.

  • Project Title: Effect of Nano Silica and Arecanut Ash on Self-Curing Concrete.

         Group members: Riyas N, Savitha V S, Fayaz Javed H, Sree Lekshmi S.

  • Project Title: Stabilized Water Resistant Mud Block.

         Group members: Meenakshy S B, Reshma B, S Karthik, Sari CG.

National Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering (NASE) 2019

Mar Baselious College of Engineering And Technology, May 2019.

  • Project Title: Utilization of Plastic Waste in Flexible Pavement with Ceramic Waste as Coarse Aggregate.

         Group members: Akhin R S, Jyothish Kumar K, Mahadevan R, Sreedevi Jyothi U.

  • Project Title: ExperimentaL Study On Use Of Electric Arc Furnace Slag In Pavement Construction.

         Group members: Amal Krishnan K, Ashish Anil, Ebinsha E S, Shijina SS.

  • Project Title: Strength And Durability Study on Cellular Light Weight Concrete.

         Group members: Gopika J Anand, Keerthi Suresh, Nikhil S P, Rahul Rajendran.

12th International Conference on Recent Development in Engineering Science, Humanities and Management

The International Centre, Goa, April 2019.

  • Project Title: Partially Replacement of Cement and Fine Aggregate BT Paper Sledge and Rice Husk

         Group members: Nandhu Subhash, Prijo P Johnson, Sabin SS, Arun Dev B.

International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology

Volume. 8, Issue. 3, March 2019.

  • Paper Name: Experimental Study on use of Electric ARC Furnace Slag in Pavement Construction.

         Group members: Amal Krishnan K, Ashish Anil, Ebinsha E S, Shijina SS.