Paper Presentation (Department Of Aeronautical Engineering)

International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research

Paper Title – Methods To Find Absolute Velocity Of Any Object Moving In Space

Student Name – Vipin

International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Science and Engineering, (ICATSE) 2019

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

  • Project Title: Active Cooling Technology For Engine After Burner Cooling.

         Group members: Vinayak, Safeer, Akshay Deva and Prasad Reghuvaran.

  • Project Title: Aerodynamic Analysis Of Multi Element Airfoil At Take Off Condition.

         Group members: Gayathri, Mohammed Roshan, Eby S Mohan and Shibin Raj.

  • Project Title: Performance Evaluation Of Ceramic Coated Combustion Chamber.

         Group members: – Manu Ajith, Sreelekshmi, Anoop KJ and Anju Mohanan.

  • Project Title: Simulation Of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Using Passive Simulation Techniques In Wind Tunnel. Group members: – Mohammed Thoufeek, Amal Manoj, Shahnas Shafeek and Madhav.

National Conference on Recent Trends in Aerospace Technology, Bharat

  • Project Title: Numerical Simulation For Non Newtonian Fluid Flow Over A Moving Flat Plate.

         Group members: – Akshara, Sruthi P S, Vipin and Asarudeen.

  • Project Title: Structural Analysis Of F-16 Landing Gear Strut.

         Group members: – Robin John, Sujan Miranda and Vishnu Sudhakar.